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High Rate Performance: 30C discharge
Long Life: 3000 times cycle in 80% SOC

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3000 Times Cycle In 80% SOC

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15 Years In The NIMH Battery Industry
We Have Served Over 1000+ Auto Repair Shops

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Why Choose Us

For the past 15 years, we've only been doing one thing, making battery packs. If your business needs batteries, you've come to the right place! These battery packs are manufactured with A-grade cells and advanced technology that is consistent with international standards and specifications.

  • Experienced Over 15 Years

    Experienced Over 15 Years

    We were established in 2007, and over the past years, we have attracted customers from all over the world, and we export to more than 50 countries, including Europe, USA, Middle East, South Asia, etc.

  • One-Stop Battery Solutions

    One-Stop Battery Solutions

    We provide the full services of customized battery products, including battery design, development, selection cells, and BMS, Charger.

  • Customization From Designs

    Customization From Designs

    Professional designers and technical engineers translate customers' needs into batteries for different scenarios, such as golf cart batteries, home energy storage batteries, car batteries, etc.

  • Factory Price & Excellent Service

    Factory Price & Excellent Service

    Competitive price and Okacc has first-class engineers, designers, product managers, quality assurance, sales, and customer service.

Lithium-ion battery customization


How long does it take to customize a lithium battery pack?
The entire process of customizing lithium batteries is generally completed within 15 working days


01. Review and discuss the customer's requirements, and then make a quotation for the sample

02. Customized products will be approved after the price is negotiated by both

03. Perform product core selection and circuit structure design

04. After all the designs are completed, we will make samples

05. Complete initial functional testing and debugging

06. Test and validate the electrical performance and cyclic aging of lithium battery packs

07. Safety testing, packaging, and shipping, the entire process of customizing lithium batteries is completed within 15 working days



Customized lithium battery


What parameters do need to provide for a custom lithium-ion battery?

01. Input and output parameters of the lithium battery

02. The IP protection level of the Li-ion battery pack and the installation method of the battery pack needs to be determined. Also, it is necessary to consider how to install the lithium battery pack, which will play a big role in the design of the lithium battery

03. The size of the lithium battery will affect the capacity of the matching lithium battery pack. It is best to communicate with us before ordering lithium batteries to avoid the situation where the ideal differs greatly from the reality

04. What needs to be known in advance is that the service life of custom lithium batteries is expected. The service life of lithium LiFePO4 batteries is generally 2000 times

05. You need to know the usage time of the equipment because it will affect the capacity of the lithium battery pack that needs to be customized

06. For motor-like devices that support lithium batteries, you need to know the maximum power when starting these induction loads

07. Since the voltage of the lithium battery pack is not a fixed value, but a wide range, you need to ensure that the equipment can withstand the corresponding voltage value

Determining the size and shape of the battery first will save us a lot of time in development and design



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