Interested In Partnering With OKACC?

Interested In Partnering With OKACC?

3rd Oct 2019

We’ve been in the battery business over 15 years and have learned how to build on success. Our partners are a hand-picked, elite group of professionals. Partner with OKACC and we’ll work closely with you to build on yours. Not just by supplying batteries, but also with unmatched service, training and on-going support. Our product is batteries but our business is relationships and helping yours succeed.

No other battery manufacturer supports its partners to the degree we do. Because we invest heavily in training our distribution network, you can be assured you’ll have all the tools you need to promote OKACC. Our battery professionals lead the industry in training and experience, and our unrivaled global presence and demonstrated record of success help us take your business to the next level.

Interested In Partnering With Us? Please contact us,and a OKACC representative will contact you within 24hours.Thank you for your support!