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We welcome OEM & ODM orders at OKACC battery factory. We are committed to provide you with the perfect Lithium ion Battery solutions and technical improvements.We can customize a variety of special models for OEM & ODM. For details pls email to

1.What is OEM?

OEM is the abbreviation of Original Equipment Manufacturer. It is a mode of manufacture agency. It means the producer owns the core technology of the product, but does not make product directly.They take charge of design, development and sales control of the product. The manufacture procedures are given to OKACC battery factory to do. This mode is a universal phenomenon in the whole world, with the great development of electronics industry.

2.What is ODM? 

ODM is the abbreviation of Original Design Manufacturer. Some manufacturer designs and makes a roduct, which is satisfied by other enterprises. So they are required to make this product with the other company's brand or logo. The former is ODM of the latter.

3.Difference between OEM and ODM

OEM is to make products for brand enterprises with their specific brand. The manufacturer can only use the name of that brand enterprise, and absolutely can't product with their own name or other logos. ODM depends on whether brand enterprises have exclusively own the copyright of the products, if not, the manufacturer is entitled to organize the production by themselves.

4.What OKACC battery factory can do for you?

OKACC battery factory has the ability to make the customizing printing on a lot of products and packages. These products include Lithium ion Battery,LiFePo4 Battery,Li-Polymer Battery,Ni-MH Battery,Ni-CD Battery,Storage Battery,Robot Battery,Golf Cart Battery,Lighting Battery,Battery Charger etc. We can make them with your logo, or make the new package according to your own design.

OEM order


1)Logo Printing

We will follow procedure above to add your logo to the product you chose, you can look at above picture and instruct us how your logo are to be branded,before placing order and mass production,we will send you a proof picutre to show how your logo looks like finally, if you are not satisfied, you can make changes as many as you wish until you think it is OK.

a.Ensure your logo can be printed precisely and nicely on the product, for traditional screen printing which is most suitalbe for logo with 1-4 colours and have no shading or colour gradation.

b.Laswer engraving and metal etch, the whole processing is controlled by computer,so, adding your logo by this way can ensure a precise and nice finish.

2)OKacc Battery Design

ODM order


OKACC battery factory is also providing products model design service for our customer. With a strong and creative design team, we are able to design all kinds of Lithium ion battery on basis of customer's needs.Upon receiving your idea or graphics, our professional design team will produce the best prototype in a very short period of time. Send us your design now to, our staff will reply you soon.