Shipping & Returns

We believe that you will be pleased with your purchase from OKACC battery factory. we stand by our great products and prices.

When you order in our shop you can pay with your credit card.
You can also use Bank transfer to the account of OKACC. If you choose this option you will receive the bank account after you checked out.

If you wants to cancel an order within 24 hours after the payment has been confirmed, you will be eligible for a full refund.As batteries are special chemical products, once our factory starts production,we can not cancel or modify it anymore,More details,please contact with your sales manager.

We ship to virtually all countries. There are some restrictions applicable to some products, and some products cannot be shipped to certain destinations. If we are unable to ship your product, we shall contact you. 

Please write the Address in English Language, it can help the shipping company easy to read and handle the package.  

Shipping Costs
In international transport, lithium ion batteries are dangerous goods, which have very strict transport requirements,and the shipping fee is more expensive than ordinary goods,due to the influence of transportation conditions, the freight is not stable, when the customer submits the order, it will be manually reviewed and confirmed by OKACC sales manager, and we will make sure to reply within 12 hours,also we shall inform you of any additional charges and await your confirmation prior to processing your order or transaction. 

Shipping Guidelines
Transport of lithium ion batteries is in the scope of Dangerous Goods Transport Regulations. Therefore many specific requirements have to be respected for their transport.The following recommendations have been created to provide initial practical guidance to the regulations of the transport of lithium ion batteries.

It refers to the commercial transport by
• Road / Rail (ADR/RID)
• Seafreight (IMDG)
• Airfreight (IATA)
Lithium ion batteries are classified as follows:
• UN3480 Lithium Ion batteries
• UN3481 Lithium Ion batteries contained in equipment
• UN3481 Lithium Ion batteries packed with equipment
Especially the watt-hour rating and other conditions classify which dangerous goods regulations must be
taken into account for the transport of lithium ion batteries. Please refer to the product data sheet.
For all shipments, it is required that all personnel involved in the preparation and transport of lithium ion
cells or batteries receive adequate instruction on these requirements or Dangerous Goods training.
In individual cases, a dangerous goods expert should be consulted. Local authorities are responsible for the
interpretation and implementation of the relevant regulations. They can make decisions differing from this
guidelines. Therefore, no liability can be assumed for the content and the completeness of this document.

IATA/ICAO Updates 
2019 IATA Lithium Battery Guidance Document
For more and updated information, please visit IATA website
IATA Packing Instruction 965-970
Standalone = package ONLY contains batteries, NO equipment
Packed with = package contains equipment + batteries that are NOT installed in the equipment
Contained in = package has equipment with batteries installed


Lithium Ion Battery

Lithium Metal Battery


Lithium Ion Standalone (P.I. 965) UN 3480

Lithium Metal Standalone (P.I. 968) UN 3090

Packed With

Lithium Ion Packed With (P.I. 966) UN 3481

Lithium Metal Packed With (P.I. 969) UN 3091

Contained in

Lithium Ion Contained in (P.I. 967) UN 3481

Lithium Metal Contained in (P.I. 970) UN 3091

Transport within Passenger Baggage
Passenger Dangerous Goods Corner

Carrier's Shipping requirement for Lithium Batteries
Fedex Lithium Battery Shipping Tool (by air and by ocean)
Label changes
Fedex Packaging Guidelines for Battery Shipments
Fedex Overview -2018
Fedex Express   - 2018
DHL Overview    - 2018
UPS Overview    - 2018

DOT (PHMSA) Updates
49 CFR 173.185
Proper Shipping Names
UN 3480, Lithium Ion Batteries
UN 3481, Lithium Ion Batteries packed with equipment
UN 3481, Lithium Ion Batteries contained in equipment
UN 3090, Lithium Metal Batteries
UN 3091, Lithium Metal Batteries packed with equipment
UN 3091, Lithium Metal Batteries contained in equipment

Ship Prototypes of Lithium batteries
173.185(e) - Must be shipped by ground as Class 9
A55 Cargo aircraft under approval. (The lead time for approval is around 3-6 months. Customer can contact PHMSA for shipping approval by air) (DOT)