The Future of Lithium and Nickel-metal Hydride Batteries

“Ni-MH battery is a realistic choice, lithium is the development direction.” Liu Shun Securities, with respect, to the lithium battery industry, still to be, in the next three to five year transition period, will be the new energy power Ni hydrogen battery based.

Statistics show that 90% of the current global market for car batteries is dominated by nickel-hydrogen batteries, and the Japanese master the core technology the most. Ni-MH battery performance is stable, mature technology and industrialization have been achieved, the next five years will become the focus of the development of new energy direction.

“From the commercial point of view of production, nickel-metal hydride batteries do better than current lithium batteries,” Liu said, but as the lithium battery technology matures, the future will gradually release their market space.

Currently, the market for lithium batteries in the new energy vehicles in the field of application has a lot of discussion of the prospects. However, its application in the traditional areas of concern is few prospects. Through careful study of lithium in the current main applications found within the application, even if the development of new energy vehicles is lower than expected, the lithium industry remains optimistic about the prospects.

Currently, the laptops and mobile phone battery market are still the two main markets. In the future, personal and portable tablet PCs will continue the trend of strong demand driving the rapid growth of lithium. Intelligent and mobile phone touch screen technology will also ensure a steady increase in shipments. The lithium batteries in digital cameras, PSP, e-books, power tools, electric bicycles, and communications back-up power and many other areas of the “everywhere” and more is worth the wait.

The demand for lithium batteries by the meta-analysis, we found: In 2010, the world’s major markets of small lithium at about 52.6 billion yuan total capacity of about. By 2015, the market capacity will reach 106.9 billion yuan or so, twice the current level. In the next five years, the average annual growth rate of the small lithium market will maintain a 15% growth rate of growth. The continued development of the small lithium industry will provide strong support.



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