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How to compare the performance and price of different types of batteries?

Although “high-energy”, “ultra-high-energy” “endurance” and other words are always marked on jackets of batteries on the market, it does not accurately represent the battery lifetime, since the performance of a battery is closely related to its inherent characteristics.

The price for super an alkaline battery is definitely higher than that of a super heavy duty battery, but its lifetime can be 5 or even 10years if used in the big current applications. So it will be more economical.

A rechargeable battery is more expensive than a super alkaline battery and extra cost will be needed for charging. However rechargeable battery can be used up to 1000times, so it will be more economical in the long run.

A NiCD battery has almost the same characteristics as a NiMH battery, but a NiMH battery will last longer than a NiCDbattery after charging, for the same battery size.



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