288V 6.5Ah NIMH Hybrid Car Battery Replacement For Toyota Harrier 2006-2009

High Rate Performance: 45C discharge
Long Life: 6000 times cycle in 80% DOD
Wide Temperature Usage: -30℃~55℃
High Safety And Eco-Friendly, Contains No Cadmium, Mercury, or Lead
100% Brand New Cells, Not Refurbished
100% Real China Factory Price
100% 3 Years or 100000 Kilometers Warranty
We Accept Credit Cards, Debit Cards, PayPal, and Wire Transfers As Payment Methods

Item No.:OK220803054

Type: NIMH Battery

Battery System Voltage:288V


Module Quantity:30

Compatible With Car Model: Toyota Harrier 2006-2009

  • Product Details
  • Warranty Information
Manufacturer Okacc
Place of Origin China (Mainland)
Brand Name Okacc
Model Number OK220803054
Battery Type Ni-MH Battery
Cell Type Prismatic
Module Nominal Voltage 9.6V
Nominal Capacity 6500mAh
Minimum Capacity 6100mAh
Discharge Rate 45C
Power Density >1450W/kg
Energy Density >40Wh/kg
Energy Efficiency ≥85%  25℃
Volumetric Efficiency >95%  25℃
Storage Temperature -20~35℃
Operating Temperature -30~55℃
Cycle Life >6000 80%DOD
Warranty  3 years or 100000km warranty

Are you looking for a high-quality replacement hybrid battery for your Toyota Harrier 2006-2009 hybrid car? Look no further than our 288V 6.5Ah NIMH replacement battery! This top-of-the-line battery is designed to provide your vehicle with the power it needs to operate at peak performance, and it comes with a three-year or 100000km warranty for your peace of mind. Make sure your Toyota Harrier is always running at its best – pick up our 288V 6.5Ah NIMH replacement battery today!

Installation Cautions of Battery Pack

Notes: Installing a hybrid car battery should only be attempted by a qualified technician, the voltage of the battery pack is very high, which has shock hazards, so when installing the battery pack, you should wear insulating gloves and use insulated handle tools.

Please operate according to the assembly manual during the installation of the Prius battery pack.
Do not mix our battery modules with those of other manufacturers, or new battery modules in use with semi-used battery modules, and don’t mix battery modules within a battery pack with those in other battery packs.
Do not twist and bend battery modules and accessories when assembling the battery pack.
Do not connect the anode and cathode of the battery module in reverse when assembling the battery pack, to prevent short circuits.
Fasten bolts and nuts with appropriate torque, avoid loose connection, or damage other accessories with too big torque.

All Compatible Car Models:

Item No. Brand Car Model Battery System Voltage
OK190803004 Toyota Prius 1st Gen 1997-2000 288V
OK190803010 Toyota PRIUS 2nd 2004-2009 201.6V
OK190803011 Toyota PRIUS 3rd 2010-2014 201.6V
OK190803013 Toyota PRIUS Aqua(Prius C) 144V
OK190803014 Toyota Camry xv40 6th 2007-2011 245V
OK190803015 Toyota Camry xv50 7th 2012-2016 245V
OK190803021 Toyota Highlander 2006-2009 288V
OK220803032 Toyota Estima 2006-2019 244.8V
OK220803033 Toyota Crown 2008-2012 288V
OK220803034 Toyota Royal Saloon 2012-2018 230.4V
OK220803035 Toyota Crown Majesta 2012-2018 288V
OK220803036 Toyota Voxy 2014-2017 201.6V
OK220803037 Toyota Auris 2010-2016 201.6V
OK220803038 Toyota Sienta 2014-2018 144V
OK220803039 Toyota Alphard20 2008-2015 244.8V
OK220803040 Toyota Vellfire 2009-2015 244.8V
OK220803041 Toyota Previa 244.8V
OK220803042 Toyota RAV4 2015-2018 244.8V
OK220803043 Toyota Avalon 2012-2018 244.8V
OK220803044 Toyota Wildlander 244.8V
OK220803045 Toyota Levin 201.6V
OK220803046 Toyota Corolla 2018 201.6V
OK220803047 Toyota Corolla Axio 2013-2019 144V
OK220803048 Toyota Mirai 201.6V
OK220803049 Toyota Yaris 2011-2017 144V
OK220803050 Toyota Vitz 2010-2019 144V
OK220803051 Toyota Noah 201.6V
OK220803052 Toyota C-HR 2017-2019 201.6V
OK220803053 Toyota Sai 244.8V
OK220803054 Toyota Harrier2006-2009 288V
OK220803055 Toyota Harrier2013-2019 244.8V
OK190803001 Honda Insight 1st Gen 2000-2006 144V
OK190803002 Honda Civic 1st Gen 2003-2005 144V
OK190803003 Honda Accord 1st Gen 2005-2007 144V
OK190803005 Honda FIT 1st Gen 144V
OK190803006 Honda Accord 2nd Gen 2010-2012 144V
OK190803007 Honda Insight 2nd Gen 100.8V
OK190803008 Honda CR-Z 2011-2012 100.8V
OK190803009 Honda Civic 2nd Gen 2006-2011 158.4V
OK190803012 Lexus CT200h 201.6V
OK190803016 Lexus ES300h 245V
OK190803017 Lexus GS450h 288V
OK190803018 Lexus IS300h 230.4V
OK190803019 Lexus NX300h 244.8V
OK190803020 Lexus RX400h 288V
OK190803022 Lexus RX450h 288V
OK220803056 Lexus UX250h 216V
OK220803057 Lexus UX260h 288V
OK220803058 Lexus LC500H 288V
OK220803059 Lexus LS500H 288V
OK220803060 Lexus GS300H 230.4V
OK220803061 Lexus GS250H 244.8V
OK220803062 Lexus GS350h 244.8V
OK220803063 Lexus HS250h 244.8V
OK220803064 Lexus LS600H 288V
OK220803065 Lexus ES400H 244.8V
OK220803066 Nissan Altima 2007-2011 244.8V
OK190803023 Ford Escape 2005-2009 300V
OK190803025 Cadillac Escalade 288V
OK190803024 Chevrolet Tahoe 288V
OK220803067 Chevrolet Silverado 2009-2013 288V
OK190803030 Citroen DS5 2012-2016 201.6V
OK190803028 Peugeot Peugeot 3008 2012-2016 201.6V
OK190803029 Peugeot Peugeot 508 2012-2016 201.6V
OK190803026 Porsche Cayenne 2010-2014 288V
OK190803027 Volkswagen Touareg 288V
OK220803068 GMC Yukon 2008-2013 288V
OK220803069 GMC Sierra 2009-2014 288V
OK220803070 Dodge Durango 2009 288V
OK220803071 Chrysler Aspen 2008-2013 288V
OK220803031 Subaru Crosstrek XV 2013-2015 100.8V

The warranty period is 36 months or 100000 kilometers after acceptance, whatever occurs first.
If a quality problem occurs within the warranty period, we are responsible for changing the damaged battery modules(Customers need to provide related battery modules information)
The battery is not within the warranty range in the following situation:
The battery damage is caused by failing to be in accordance with the provisions of the transport, storage, installation, and using.
The battery damage is caused by an external force (such as traffic accidents, natural disasters) or by an external short circuit during using process.
The battery damage was caused by the out-of-control of BMS.



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