Newly purchased prius battery, after installation, does not work properly, where is the problem?

The installation may occasionally not go smoothly, the battery has been installed, start the car, but it indicates that the battery is not working properly, first, you will suspect that there is something wrong with the quality of the new battery, or you have bought inferior goods, is this the case? Here is a classic case for Prius battery
Connected to the battery tester for charging, the software indicates the highest voltage of module 8, 15.95V, and is 0.35V above the average voltage, which is obviously not normal.

Generally speaking, this problem is caused by the voltage difference, when the difference is above 0.2V, it will prompt an exception.
The solution is: you can remove those battery modules, use the battery tester to discharge them firstly, then charge all of them for the same time, then install them, the problem will be solved. the voltage difference between the maximum voltage and minimum voltage should be within 0.2v, now the max voltage is 15.95V, the minimum is 15.6V, so the difference is 0.35V, more than 0.2V
But there are new findings, under discharging this module was 0.15v less than others, but undercharging 0.35V more than others.

In this case, it may be caused by two reasons: firstly maybe the screw is not tightened when being installed

Secondly, it may be caused by the temperature differences, the need to clean the fan.

In order to solve the problem, we will follow the steps.

Firstly, remove those modules from the car, use the battery tester to discharge them to 12V, then charge them for about 30 – 60 minutes, the voltage of them will be similar
After discharging them to 12v, when charged, make sure to charge all of those for the same time, for example, if use current 6A, charge them for 30 minutes; if use 3A, charge them for one hour
Do like this, if the inside of that battery module is no problem, then it will be normal, the problem will disappear

At last, found that the screw of module no 7 (-) wasn’t tightened enough. after tightening the screw it seems that everything is good.

So, installing a hybrid car battery is a technical job and has to be done very carefully, if you have any questions feel free to contact us, we are happy to help you.



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