When should a hybrid battery be repaired?

When should a hybrid battery be repaired?

If your hybrid car’s computer diagnostics show a P0A80 , P3000 , P0A7F , or similar error you will need to repair or replace the hybrid battery.
A repair is made if no more than 25% of the battery cells are degraded and the remaining 75% of the cells were not significantly affected by the degradation.

In order to make the right decision, a diagnosis must be made of the capacity of your hybrid battery that will show its wear.
1) If one or a few pairs “fall” and the rest remain “good” then the repair of the hybrid battery is effective.
2) If all cells “die” then the battery must be replaced.

When hybrid battery repair can’t help?

Spending does not make sense if the entire battery “dies” uniformly. In this case, only replacement is indicated. The repair will give a short-term result, replacing more than a quarter of the battery cells, but the remaining cells will gradually degrade and you will have to come to the auto repair shop regularly for their replacement and spend your money.

Sometimes you may insist on the cheaper version of the hybrid battery repair. In this case, only auto repair shop change pairs based on computer diagnostics. Unlike many auto electricians, they properly balance the battery. Compared to a “full” repair, everything happens quickly and cheaply, but you must be warned about the possible risks of repeated repairs and the absence of serious guarantees.



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